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PRESS Intervention Manual

The PRESS Intervention Manual, Second Edition Update provides a guidebook for data-based decision making and K-5 student interventions, covering the five essential components of reading instruction. The manual includes options for classwide and small group interventions. A must-have resource for interventionists and classroom teachers! View the table of contents and a sample intervention here (PDF).
Key updates to the Second Edition include (links are to PDFs):

Price: $75.00

PRESS Assessment Manual

The PRESS Assessment Manual, Second Edition Update contains skill assessments for phonemic awareness, phonics, and comprehension. The manual is a valuable resource for monitoring the progress of students receiving Tier 2 interventions. View the table of contents and introduction here (PDF).
The Second Edition includes key revisions:

  • Updated format for phonics skill assessments, including teacher instructions and clearer scoring options. View a sample here (PDF).
  • New introductions for each section.

Price: $35.00

Discount offered for Intervention & Assessment Manuals: $95.00 per set

PRESS Spanish Intervention Manual

The Spanish Intervention Manual, Second Edition includes interventions with scripted dialogues in Spanish. The manual does not include the decision-making tools, fidelity checks, and supplemental resources that are provided in the English version.
Price: $25.00

A discount is also applied for manuals purchased for on-site professional development. Learn more and request a quote for in-service workshops here.

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