Common Book: 2015–2016

CEHD Reads Common Book for Fall 2015 is Rez Life, by David Treuer.

With authoritative research and reportage, Rez Life examines Native American reservation life past and present. Treuer's work weaves history and the present, institutional policy and individual stories in an exploration of family, tribal governance, casinos, wealth and poverty, education, and the preservation of native languages and cultures. This non-fiction selection illuminates misunderstood contemporary issues of sovereignty, treaty rights, and natural-resource conservation.

Rez Life Book Jacket

Treuer, a member of the Ojibwe of northern Minnesota, traces the waves of public policy that have disenfranchised and exploited Native Americans, exposing the tension that has marked the historical relationship between the United States government and the Native American population.

Through the eyes of students, teachers, government administrators, lawyers, and tribal court judges, Treuer shows how casinos, tribal government, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs have transformed the landscape of Native American life.

CEHD first-year students will read Treuer’s book in PsTL 1525W as they explore various was to address the question: Can one person make a difference?

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