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Wendy Haight

Professor and Gamble-Skogmo Chair in Child Welfare and Youth Policy
Ph.D., University of Chicago
B.A., Reed College

Office hours:
Please e-mail for an appointment.

Areas of Interest

I am broadly interested in cultural variation in socialization practices and their impact on children’s psychosocial development.


Professor Haight completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Reed College, and her Ph.D. at University of Chicago where she studied developmental, cultural psychology.  Her research focuses on better understanding and supporting vulnerable children and families, especially those involved in public child welfare systems. These projects use mixed methods approaches, and emphasize field (community) initiated and cross cultural research. They include studies focused on maltreated children who become involved in delinquency, maltreated children who have disabilities, legal representation of parents involved with the child welfare system, why Black children are more likely to receive out-of-school suspensions than their white peers, and international child welfare.

Selected Publications

  1. Kayama, M. & Haight, W. (2014). Development and Disability: A Japanese Case Study. New York: Oxford University Press.

  2. Haight, W., Bidwell, L., Marshall, J. & Khatiwoda, P. (2014).  Implementing the crossover youth practice model in diverse contexts: Child welfare and juvenile justice professionals’ experiences of multisystem collaborations.  Children and Youth Services Review.

  3. Marshall, J. & Haight, W. (2014).  Understanding Racial Disproportionality affecting African American Youth Who Cross Over from the Child Welfare to the Juvenile Justice System: Communication, Power, Race and Social Class. Children and Youth Services Review, 42, 82-90.

  4. Haight, W., Gibson, P., Kayama, M. Wilson, R. (2014). An ecological-systems inquiry into racial disproportionalities in out-of-school suspensions from youth, caregiver and educator perspectives. Children and Youth Services Review, 46, 128-138.

  5. Haight, W., Kayama, M., & Korang-Okrah, R. (2014). Ethnography in social work practice and policy. Qualitative Social Work, 13(1), 127-143.

  6. Korang-Okrah, R. & Haight, W. (in press) Ghanaian (Akan) women’s experiences of widowhood and property rights violations: An ethnographic inquiry. Qualitative Social Work. DOI: 10.1177/1473325014526275

  7. Kayama, M. & Haight, W. (in press). Cultural sensitivity in the delivery of disability services to children: A case study of Japanese education and socialization. Children and Youth Services Review 33 (9), 1583-91., 32(10), 1446