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Amy Krentzman

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
M.S.W., New York University
B.A., Northwestern University

School of Social Work
Room 183 PetersH
1404 Gortner Ave

Download Curriculum Vitae [PDF]

Areas of Interest

Alcohol and substance use disorders, addiction treatment and recovery, 12-step programs, spirituality, gratitude, forgiveness, positive psychology, and communication skills in social work practice.


Amy Krentzman is an Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work and at the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota and an Adjunct Research Investigator in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Krentzman is a National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) funded Training Fellow with the Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program (ADEP) for Social Work Faculty.

Dr. Krentzman’s research focuses on factors that promote the initiation and maintenance of recovery from alcohol and other substance use disorders, particularly the mechanisms of therapeutic change that are precipitated by professional treatment, recovery community organizations, and 12-step programs.

Current research projects include the development and testing of positive psychology interventions for individuals with alcohol and substance use disorders, the relationship between spirituality and alcoholism recovery, and the role of sober living houses on women's long-term abstinence.

Recent Work

See Google Scholar for a complete list of Dr. Krentzman's work.


Selected Publications

  1. Krentzman, A. R. (2017). Gratitude, abstinence, and alcohol use disorders: Report of a preliminary finding. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment Download a free copy through June 17, 2017.

  2. Krentzman, A. R., Strobbe, S., Harris, I. J., Jester, J.M. & Robinson, E. A. R. Decreased drinking and Alcoholics Anonymous are associated with different dimensions of spirituality. Accepted in 2016 to the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.

  3. Krentzman, A. R. Differences in spirituality and religiousness between men and women with alcohol use disorders. Accepted in 2016 to the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.

  4. Krentzman, A. R. & Barker, S. L. (2016) Counselors’ perspectives of positive psychology for the treatment of addiction. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 34(4), 1-16.

  5. Krentzman, A.R., Mannella, K.A., Hassett, A.L., Barnett, N., Cranford, J.A., Brower, K.J., Higgins, M.M., & Meyer, P.S. (2015). Feasibility, Acceptability, and Impact of a Web-based Gratitude Exercise among Individuals in Outpatient Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorders. The Journal of Positive Psychology, 10(6), 477-488.

  6. Krentzman, A.R., Higgins, M.M., Staller, K., Klatt, E.S. (2015). Alexithymia, Emotional Dysregulation, and Recovery from Alcoholism: Therapeutic Response to Assessment of Mood. Qualitative Health Research 25(6), 794-805.

  7. Krentzman, A.R., Cranford, J.A. & Robinson, E.A.R. (2015). Long-Term Increases in Purpose in Life are Associated with Remission from Alcohol Dependence. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 33(3), 252-369.

  8. Krentzman, A. R. (2015, Fall). The yin and yang of positive psychology and addiction. Invited essay. The Addictions Newsletter of the American Psychological Association, Division 50.

  9. Krentzman, A. R.; Cranford, J. A.; & Robinson, E. A. R. (2013): Multiple Dimensions of Spirituality in Recovery: A Lagged Mediational Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous’ Principal Theoretical Mechanism of Behavior Change, Substance Abuse, 34:1, 20-32.

  10. Krentzman, A. R. (2013). Review of the Application of Positive Psychology to Substance Use, Addiction, and Recovery Research. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 27(1), 151-165.

  11. Krentzman, A. R., Pagano, M. E., Bradley, J. C., Johnson, S. M., Battle, D., Andrade, F. H., Delva, J., & Robinson, E. A. R. (2012). The role of religiousness on substance-use disorder treatment outcomes: A comparison of Black and White adolescents. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 3, 104-128.

  12. Krentzman, A. R., Brower, K. J., Robinson, E. A. R., & Cranford, J.A. (2012). Gender and extraversion as moderators of the association between AA and sobriety. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 73, 44-52.

Selected Presentations

  1. Krentzman, A.R., Klatt, E., Sharratt, M., Mannella, K., Foster, K.T. (March 2017). Demographic, Social, and Clinical Characteristics of 672 Women Entering Five Sober Living Houses Over Nine Years. Poster. University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development, Research Day 2017, Minneapolis, MN.

  2. Krentzman, A.R. (2017, March 2). Introduction to Dr. K’s Research on Recovery: Presentation to Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. Team Meeting, Rochester, MN.

  3. Krentzman, A.R. (2016, October 25). Teaching communication skills to men at the Union Gospel Mission. Presentation of research results to agency stakeholders, St. Paul, MN.

  4. Krentzman, A. R. (2016, September 30). Teaching the Clients to Paddle with OARS: Pilot Study of a Positive Communication Intervention for Men in a Residential Substance Use Disorder Recovery program. Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers Forum, Montréal, Québec, Canada.

  5. Krentzman, A.R. (2015, December 18). Application of Positive Psychology to Addiction Recovery: Findings from a New Line of Research on Gratitude. Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Center for Addiction Medicine, Grand Rounds Seminar Series, Boston, MA.