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Victim Offender Mediation:Three Decades of Practice and Research

Mark S. Umbreit, Ph.D. Robert B. Coates, Ph.D., Betty Vos, Ph.D. (2003)   

Achieving Top Statistics in Viewership, Winter 2017 (Research Gate) PDF


Community Peacemaking Project: Responding to Hate Crimes, Hate Incidents, Intolerance, and Violence Through Restorative Justice Dialogue

First Year Report (2002) PDF  

Final Report (2003) PDF


Juvenile Victim Offender Mediation in Six Oregon Counties (2001) 

Final Report  PDF   

Appendix A  PDF   Appendix B   PDF   Appendix C  PDF                                                              Appendix D  PDF   Appendix E   PDF   Appendix F  PDF    


Mediation of Criminal Conflicts: An Assessment of Programs in Four Canadian Providences                     

Executive Summary (1995) PDF


Mediation of Criminal Conflicts in England: An Assessment of Services in Coventry and Leeds (1996) PDF


Restorative Justice Circles in South St. Paul, Minnesota 

 Executive Summary  (2000)  PDF


Systemic Change Toward Restorative Justice: Washington County in Minnesota                            

Executive Summary (2002)  PDF


Victim Offender Dialogue in Crimes of Severe Violence: A Multi-Site Study of Programs in Texas and Ohio (2002) 

Executive Summary PDF  

Victim Interview Schedule PDF  

Offender Interview Schedule PDF


Victim Offender Mediation: an Analysis of Programs in Four States of the US 

 Executive Summary (1992) PDF


Youthful Offenders Response to Victim Offender Conferencing in Washington County, MN (2004) PDF


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