Michael Baizerman

Professor and Director, Youth Studies
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
M.S., Columbia University
M.S., University of Pittsburgh

School of Social Work
Rm 105 PetersH
1404 Gortner Ave
Tel: 612/624-4912

Areas of Interest

Socio-Cultural & Geographic Models of Youth Development, Youth Involvement Models, Youth Work, Youth Policy

Research Interests

Youth involvement in civic issues

Philosophical and human sciences understandings of the idea of "youth," how it is represented, theorized and lived.

Selected Publications

  1. Baizerman, M., Baldwin, C., Magnuson, D. & Stringer, A. (2003). Adolescent or youth? Youthwork practice and human development ideology, Journal of Child & Youth Care Work, 18 , 60-70.

  2. Baizerman, M., Lundgren, K. & Magnuson, D. (2003). Challenges to discernment in religious education, Religion and Education, 30 (2), 45-61.

  3. Baizerman, M. (2000). Youth: Fact or fiction?. Paper presented and available on-line from Youth Council Northern Ireland/University of Ulster, Jordanstown, September, 2000.

  4. Baizerman, M. & Hildreth, R., (2000). Public achievement: An evaluation. School of Social Work and Center for Democracy and Citizenship, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota, St. Paul and Minneapolis, June, 2000.

  5. Baizerman, M., (2000). Young people and museums: Visitor, student, citizen (Theory), Irish Museum Journal 10, 60-63.

  6. Baizerman, M. (1999). Public Achievement/Northern Ireland. A report on implementation, Belfast: Public Achievement.

  7. Baizerman, M. (1999). It's only human nature: Revisiting the denaturalization of adolescence, Child and Youth Care Forum, 28(6), 437-447.

  8. Baizerman, M. (1997). The call to responsible selfhood: The vocational in the lives of youth. Final Report to the Lilly Endowment, Project on Youth and Vocation. St. Paul, Minnesota (MS).