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Katie Johnston-Goodstar

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington

Office hours:
per request

Areas of Interest

Social and political contexts of urban and Indigenous youth development, Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), Youth and Media, Critical and Indigenous Pedagogies, History of youth work and social work in urban and Indigenous communities.

Using theories of Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice Youth Development, Katie's current work employs Participatory Action Research to explore the education and development of urban and Native American youth. She is particularly interested in how Indigenous youth use media to engage social justice issues, place, decolonization and community building.

Selected Publications

  1. Johnston-Goodstar K. & J. Krebs (2011)  Critical Media Literacy in Action: Critical Media Literacy as Engaged Space in Urban, Public Schools, in Eds. R. Velure Roholt et al, Engaging Spaces: Civic Youthwork in Practice, Routledge: USA

  2. Johnston-GoodStar, K., Trinidad, A. and A. Tecle Solomon (2010), Critical pedagogy through the reinvention of place: Two cases of youth resistance, in (Eds) Brad Porfilio and Paul Carr, Youth Culture, education and resistance: Subverting the commercial ordering of life. Sense Publishers: USA.

  3. Johnston-GoodStar, K. and R. Nagda (Jan/Feb, 2010) Becoming Protagonists for Integration: Youth Voices from Segregated Educational Spaces, InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies.

Selected Presentations

  1. Johnston-Goodstar, K. and Krebs, J. (April, 2011) Critical Media Literacy in Action, American Education Research Association annual meeting, Youth Organizing and Communities in Action subsection, New Orleans, LA

  2. Johnston-Goodstar K. & T. LaLiberte (2011) Exploring an experiential learning seminar for Native child welfare, American Indian Alaska Native Social Work Educators' Association's 14th Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA

  3. Johnston-Goodstar, K. (2011), An Evaluation of Native American Experiential Learning seminar, Minnesota Social Service Association conference, Minneapolis, MN

  4. Thompson, J. and K. Johnston-Goodstar (2011) Media Arts: Sociopolitical Development of Urban Youth of Color, 20th Annual National McNair Research Conference, Madison, WI