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Oliver Williams

Director, Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community, Professor
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
M.S.W., Western Michigan University
M.P.H., University of Pittsburgh

School of Social Work
Rm 105 PetersH
1404 Gortner Ave
Tel: 612/624-9217

Areas of Interest

Creating Effective Service Delivery Strategies That Will Reduce Violence Among African Americans Ethnically Sensitive Practice, Fatherhood

Research Interests

  • Conducting community-based research on issues and barriers that inhibit the reduction of family and community violence among African Americans.
  • Conducting research on change, recovery and transformation of men who batter.
  • Examining issues associated with the intersection between parenting/fatherhood and domestic violence issues.

Book Chapters

Williams, O.J. (2002). Developing the capacity to address social context
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Donnelly, D., Smith, L. & Williams, O.J. (2002) Batterer's education
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    (Eds.), Programs for men who batter. Kingston, NJ: Civic Research

See, L.A., Oliver, W., & Williams, O.J. (2002). Domestic violence in African American families. In L. Rapp-Paglicci, et al. (Eds.), A handbook of violence. New York, NY: John Wiley Publishers.

Williams, O.J., Boggess,J. & Carter, J. (2001). Fatherhood and domestic
    violence: Exploring the role of men who batter in the lives of their
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    American Psychological Association.

Bennett, L.B. & Williams, O.J. (2001). A review of research on batterers
    treatment. In R. Kennedy-Bergen & J. Edleson (Eds.), Overview of
    domestic violence
. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Selected Publications

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