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Health, Disability & Aging

Researchers at the School of Social Work are finding solutions to improve health through innovative methods and strategies. Learn about their work:

Researchers in Heath, Disability, & Aging

Faculty Researchers

Colleen Fisher

Associate Professor

Health disparities, HIV/AIDS, HIV prevention & treatment, Global health, Women's health

Photo of David Hollister

David Hollister

Professor Emeritus

Study of immigrants, homelessness, and child welfare
Study of impacts on immigrants of welfare-to-work transitions under the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)
Ongoing follow-up studies of MSW child welfare graduates career experiences

Katie Johnston-Goodstar

Associate Professor

Social and political contexts of urban and Indigenous youth development, Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), Youth and Media, Critical and Indigenous Pedagogies, History of youth work and social work in urban and Indigenous communities.

Helen Kivnick


Developmental Psychology, Healthcare, Mental Health, Seniors/Aging/Gerontology

Photo of Hee Yun Lee

Hee Yun Lee

Professor; Director of Research

Community-Based Participation Research (CBPR), Cultural Competence, Family Violence, Health, Healthcare, Intervention Sercive, Seniors/Aging/Gerontology

Photo of Elizabeth Lightfoot

Elizabeth Lightfoot

Professor; Doctoral Program Director

Child Welfare, Community Engagement, Community-Based Participation Research (CBPR), Disability, Policy

Joseph Merighi

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

End-stage renal diseases, Medication adherence, Chronic illness, Social work practice in health care settings

Photo of Jean Quam

Jean Quam

Dean, College of Education and Human Development, Professor

Gender & Sexuality, Higher Education, Learning Technologies, Seniors/Aging/Gerontology

Photo of James Reinardy

James Reinardy

Director, School of Social Work Associate Professor

Social Welfare, Leadership and Organizational Change, Seniors/Aging/Gerontology, Policy

Photo of Lynette Renner

Lynette Renner

Associate Professor; Director, Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

Family Violence, Domestic Violence, Child Welfare, Family Based Interventions, Mental & Behavioral Health, Youth Development

Photo of Oliver Williams

Oliver WIlliams

Director, Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community, Professor

Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR), Cultural Competence, Family Violence, Social Services, Specific Cultures (African American)

Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare Researchers

Photo of Saahoon Hong

Saahoon Hong

Senior Minn-LInK Researcher, Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Child Welfare, Disability, Education Policy K-12, Evaluation, Mental Health, Social Services

Photo of Traci LaLiberte

Traci LaLiberte

Executive Director, Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Child Welfare, Disability, Evaluation, Policy, Systems Change

Photo of Kristine Piescher

Kristine Piescher

Director of Research and Evaluation, Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

Child Welfare, Evaluation, Policy

Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health Researchers

Phot of Piper Meyer-Kalos

Piper Meyer-Kalos

Executive Director, Minnesota Center for Chemical and Mental Health

Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Positive Psychology

Affiliated Researchers

Photo of Stacy Remke

Stacy Remke

Teaching Specialist

Clinical Social Work, Healing Strategies, Child Welfare, Pediatric Palliative Care