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Methods & Methodology

Researchers at the School of Social Work are conducting quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods studies to improve overall social welfare. They are employing innovative and cutting-edge research methods and making use of different types of data in their work.

Researchers in Methods & Methodology

Faculty Researchers

Colleen Fisher

Associate Professor

Health disparities, HIV/AIDS, HIV prevention & treatment, Global health, Women's health

Jane Gilgun


Child Welfare, Family Violence, Qualitative Research Methods

Wendy Haight

Professor and Gamble-Skogmo Chair in Child Welfare and Youth Policy

Child Welfare, Developmental Psychology, Mental Health, Social Services, Substance Abuse

Katie Johnston-Goodstar

Associate Professor

Social and political contexts of urban and Indigenous youth development, Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), Youth and Media, Critical and Indigenous Pedagogies, History of youth work and social work in urban and Indigenous communities.

Hee Yun Lee

Professor; Director of Research

Community-Based Participation Research (CBPR), Cultural Competence, Family Violence, Health, Healthcare, Intervention Sercive, Seniors/Aging/Gerontology