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New Page Highlights Race Relations and Restorative Dialogue

As new initiatives to address race relations and to promote racial reconciliation continue to spring up nationwide, we have added a web page dedicated to informing people about efforts that involve restorative dialogue and communication. The first project we are highlighting is an effort from Boston that revisits murder cases from past decades as a way to deliver the real justice that was thwarted in the original courtroom settings.

New Videos on Restorative Justice

Four new videos on restorative justice by Mark Umbreit are ideal for using in group trainings as well as for general presentations. A video by Ted Lewis covers a case narrative for a victim offender mediation. All videos are 10 to 20 minutes long. See all the new videos.

Complementing Mark's video on A Humanistic Approach to Mediation and Dialogue is an overview article on the same topic. What does it really mean to 'humanize' a resolution process for conflicts or crimes? Read "What Is A Humanistic Approach to Mediation?"

Center Resources Focus on Energy Dynamics in Conflict and Dialogue

The Energy of Forgiveness book coverThe Energy of Forgiveness: Lessons from Those in Restorative Dialogue (by Mark Umbreit, Jennifer Blevins, and Ted Lewis)

This book features 12 powerful case stories of healing and reconciliation and is available for purchase through the center. More information about this book and others with discount prices.


Mark Umbreit's book, Dancing With the Energy of Conflict and Trauma: Letting Go, Finding Peace in Families, Communities & Nations shows how people have learned to "be" with the energy of conflict and trauma in ways that help them find deeper peace. More information and how to purchase (PDF).

Picture of people holding handsBeing With the Energy of Forgiveness: Lessons from Former Enemies in Restorative Dialogue is a 30 minute film that features victims who found supports for moving forward in life. See flyer for details. View the film on YouTube.

Support Peacebuilding Through Dialogue in the Global Community

New Responses to Foster Accountability and Healing in the Wake of Criminal and Political Violence in America and Abroad Donate Now!

To contact us at the Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking, call 612-624-4923 or email

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