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Peacebuilding Education for Humphrey Fellows

Peacebuilding Through Dialogue: From Conflict Management to Healing in Workplaces, Communities & Nations


2014 Humphrey Fellow at restorative justice training

Since 2010, the Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking has led this work shop annually, serving over 150 Humphrey Fellows representing over 25 non-Western countries around the globe. A recent commitment is to support and serve Humphrey Fellow alumni by providing supplemental resources that can further the spread of conflict resolution and healing work in the respective countries to which Humphrey Fellows have returned.

View this 4-minute video about the Peacebuilders Workshop.

Learning Resources for Humphrey Alumni


Primary Resources for the Peacebuilders Workshop

1. Pre-Workshop Reading Packet (PDF)

2. Complete Workshop Manual (PDF)

An Overview of Restorative Justice and Restorative Dialogue Models

Listening at a restorative justice training session

These resources cover all of the basic principles and practices of restorative dialogue work that can be adapted for many different kinds of conflicts and harm situations. 

Essential Skills for Facilitating Restorative Conferences and Circles

These resources cover basic skills for guiding a dialogue process, starting with preparation methods, general outlines and communication skills that help people who are blocked with negative emotions.

Being with the Energy of Conflict and Drawing Strength From Within

These resources cover the role of mindfulness and personal centeredness when facilitators help others affected by deep conflict and hurt. It builds upon the same themes emphasized in the training, starting with the power of one’s healing presence.

Humphrey fellows talking

Inspiring Stories of Healing and Resolution Through Dialogue

Videos of International Peacebuilding Efforts and Initiatives

Additional Videos on Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Dialogue

Links to International Websites on Restorative Justice:


Circle of people at restorative justice training

We want to serve you well

If you are a Humphrey Fellow who took the five-day Peacebuilding Training, and you would like to find ways to apply your learning when you return to your country, we hope you will stay in contact with us. From time to time, we will be posting new resources on our website that can support your ongoing education as a peacebuilder.

Let us know if…

In brief, let us know if we can serve you better after you leave Minnesota. If you would like to receive periodic emails from us, let us know.

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