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BY AUTHOR This collection consists of summary annotations on all available restorative justice dialogue research the Center has been able to locate to date.  The forms of restorative justice dialogue represented in the collection include Victim Offender Mediation (also known as Victim Offender Reconciliation, Victim Offender Dialogue, and Victim-Sensitive Offender Dialogue), Group Conferencing (including family group conferencing and community group conferencing),  Circles, and Other (reparation boards and other dialogue services). The annotations can be scrolled by author or by title.

Annotated publications that are available on line are followed by a hotlink to the publication url. In many instances a single research project has resulted in more than one publication.  Where these are known, the publications resulting from a single project are listed together in chronological order beginning with the earliest release date, and the annotations that follow apply to the project as a whole. The Center is continually seeking to update its collection and annotation database. 

Please contact the Center if you are aware of published research on restorative justice dialogue that is not represented in our collection.

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Bonta, J., S. Wallace-Capretta, and J. Rooney (1998). Restorative Justice: An Evaluation of the Restorative Resolutions Project. Summary

Grauwiler P., N. Pezold,  and L.G. Mills (2006) Justice is in the Design: Creating a Restorative Justice Treatment Model for Domestic Violence Summary



The documents available on our web site are in the PDF format. To access these documents you will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. This reader is available from the Adobe Acrobat home page in several formats. Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view, navigate and print PDF files across all major computing platforms.