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Sousada Chidthachack

Tel: 612-626-1705

PHD 2016, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Education
MA 2010, Curriculum & Instruction
BA 2006, Pure Mathematics
5-12 Minnesota Teaching Licensure (2006-present)

Dissertation Title:  Chidthachack, S. (2016) Implementing Standards-Based Mathematics:  Toward Improving Conceptual Understanding of Linear Functions for Middle School Immigrant Students

Graduate Research Experience: EngrTEAMS Curriculum Development and Reflective Practice Partner (2013-2016); Prepare2Nspire Mathematics Mentoring and Tutoring in Urban Setting Recruitment Manager & Research Assistant (2013-16); 3M STEM Education Fellow (2012-13); and Iron Range Engineering Graduate Research Assistant (2012-13)

Awards and Honors: CEHD Alumni Society Advanced Study Scholarship (2015-16); Mithunn Education Fellow (2013-14); Page Scholar (2013-16); Women's Philanthropic Leadership Circle Award (2012-13); and Dr. Nancy "Rusty" Barcelo Women's Center Award (2012-13); and Funding for Improvement of Post-Secondary Education Research Grant (2011)

Research Presentation Travel Awards: CEHD C & I International Travel Grants: Hamburg, Germany 2016; Hong Kong, China 2015, Vancouver, Canada 2014; Vientiane, Laos 2012; CEHD C & I National Travel Grants: Albuquerque, NM 2013; Fargo, ND 2013; Funding for Improvement of Post-Secondary Education Travel Grant, Brazil 2011; and Infinite Possiblilities:  Women in Mathematics Travel Grant: Maryland 2011 and Oregon 2015.

Professional Affiliations:  Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM), National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and Association of Science Teacher Education (ASTE)

Selected Publications

  1. Boofah, E.A., Ntow, F. D., & Chidthachack, S. (2016).  Teaching for conceptual understanding and student mathematics achievement in an African comparative context.  13th International Congress of Mathematical Education Conference Paper.  Hamburg, Germany.

  2. Tackie, N. A., Chidthachack, S., & Roehrig, G. (2016).  Lessons from four middle school science teachers’ implementation of integrated STEM units.  Paper presentation submission to National Association for Research in Science Teaching 2016 Annual International Conference Paper.  Baltimore, Maryland.

  3. Clarkson, L.M., Ntow, F.D., Chidthachack, S., & Crotty, E. (2014).  Falling through the cracks:  Undergraduate students’ characterization of their mathematics classroom experience.  Hong Kong Association for Educational Communications and Technology Conference Book Chapter.  Hong Kong, China.

  4. Chidthachack, S. et al.  (2013).  Engineering students learn ABET professional skills:  A comparative study of project-based learning (PBL) versus traditional students.  University of North Dakota American Society of Engineering Educators Conference Paper.  Fargo, North Dakota.

  5. Clarkson, L.M., Ntow, F.D., & Chidthachack, S. (2013). Prepare2Nspire:  Mentoring and Tutoring Mathematics in an Urban Setting.  University of New Mexico Impact and Effectiveness of Developmental Relationships Mentoring Conference Paper.  Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  6. Chidthachack, S., et al. (2012)  Conditional, converse, and bi-conditional statements--Oh my!  Park City Mathematics Institute Lesson Study Online Paper, Park City, Utah.

Selected Presentations

  1. Chidthachack, S., Tackie, N.A., & Staats, S. (2016)  STEM education without borders: An engineering design challenge to inspire future STEM teachers.  TRIO Minnesota.  Minnesota Community and Technical College.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

  2. Uy, P., Phetmixay, R., Thaviseth, L., & Chidthachack, S. (2016). Re-imagining the Lao American Diasporic Identity: Sharing Stories of Resilience.  Association for Asian American Studies.  Miami, Florida.

  3. Chidthachack, S. (2015).  “It is not just math—I can get that in school” High school students evaluate an urban mathematics mentoring and tutoring program.  Infinite Possibilities Conference: Women in Mathematics, University of Oregon.  Corvallis, Oregon.  *Winner of Best Oral Presentation from Mathematical and Biological Institute 

  4. Clarkson, L.M., Chidthachack, S., Ntow, F.D., & Crotty, E.(2014).  Preparing Urban Mathematicians.  Psychology of Mathematics Education North American Chapter.  University of British Columbia.  Vancouver, Canada.

  5. Clarkson, L.M., Chidthachack, S., Crotty, E., & Ntow, F.D. (2014).  Building Diverse Communities.  Minnesota STEM Network Conference.  St. Paul, Minnesota.

  6. Clarkson, L.M., Chidthachack, S., Crotty, E., & Ntow, F.D. (2013).  Prepare2Nspire:  Urban Mathematics Communities.  University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development Research Day.  St. Paul, Minnesota.  *Winner of People’s Choice Award for Diversity and Globalization

  7. Chidthachack, S. (2012).  International Mathematics Programs: Thailand & Brazil 2011. Infinite Possibilities Conference:  Women in Mathematics. University of Maryland.  Baltimore, Maryland. *Winner of Best Travel Award Essay 

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