STEM Education Center


Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ)


Grant Sponsor

Minnesota Office of Higher Education


Principal Investigator:

Gillian Roehrig, STEM Education Center

Tamara Moore, STEM Education Center

Cindy Cattall, Department of Physics & Astronomy


Project Personnel:

Nancy Bresnahan, Hopkins Community Schools

Emily Dare, STEM Education Center


Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ) utilizes quality professional development by organizing teachers into learning communities whose goals and standards are aligned with those of the school and district. This project combines learning strategies to produce the most powerful professional development. By promoting the development of new instructional skills, fostering deeper conceptual content understanding, and training and coaching teachers in physics for middle school science classrooms, ITQ’s ultimate goal is to improve students’ conceptual knowledge of physics and engineering through enhancing teachers’ knowledge of physical science and engineering. In encouraging teachers to develop more effective instructional methods, the ITQ anticipates overall improvement in the teaching of physical sciences for 6th graders and the development of hands-on physics activities to be made available for middle school teachers.