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Improving Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Teaching (IMPACT)


Project: Improving Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Teaching (IMPACT) is designed to recruit, prepare, and retain highly qualified teachers of physical science and mathematics in high needs schools. Minnesota schools already report shortages in teacher supply in these areas and this is expected to increase by 2014 when high school graduates will be required to complete mathematics coursework at least through algebra II and a year of physics or chemistry. IMPACT is a collaboration between the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering and the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) with local school districts. IMPACT will provide scholarships of up to $10,000 for undergraduates and graduates seeking certification in mathematics or physical sciences.


Grant Sponsor

National Science Foundation


Principal Investigator:

Gillian Roehrig, STEM Education Center

Terry Wyberg, Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Cindy Cattell, Department of Physics


Project Personnel:

James Nyachwaya, STEM Education Center

Stacie Toal

Recruitment will occur through the PhysTEC program - this is a new undergraduate program designed to promote physics teaching as a career path for undergraduates. PhysTEC students have opportunities to teach in non-major physics laboratories as learning assistants and attend physics teaching seminars. Noyce scholarship money will allow these students to start taking licensure courses as an undergraduate as part of the CEHD DirecTrack program.

Preparation will occur through the CEHD M.Ed. Initial Licensure Program. Students enter the 15-month licensure program as a cohort, taking coursework in educational theory, a nine-credit science or mathematics methods sequence, educational technology, and working with English-Language-Learners. In conjunction with their coursework, students participate in extensive practicum and student teaching experiences in both middle and high schools. These placements will be in high-needs schools planned in conjunction with our partner schools. On completion of student teaching, partner schools will have the first opportunity to hire the Noyce scholars before they are allowed to seek employment in other high-needs schools.

Retention will be addressed by providing Noyce scholars with a mentor and on-going professional development opportunities through the Science and Mathematics Teacher Induction Network (TIN). TIN was developed in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education as an online induction program to provide mentoring and professional development to secondary science and mathematics teachers throughout Minnesota.


2003-2004 Cohort:

Jamie Lindfors, Brad Benson, Jennifer Pirrera, Jason Hamilton, Jessica Rice, Carl Olson, Wilmer Telleria, Kristen Soderlund, Crystal Wood, Mary Hoelscher, Virgina Herzog Cooper, Jessica Fiedler, Pamela Zilic, Steven Larson, Aaron Johnson, and Colin Kemmis.


2004-2005 Cohort:

Angela Corbett, Loan Nguyen, Conrad Kunz, Megan Parise Schmidt, Emily Dalhquist Laughlin, Lee Barnett, Osob Hassan, Gary Kwong, Peter Burmaster, Ryan Lester, Kim Shualeff Wolfe, Joshua Leonard, Page Johnson, Mary Randow, and Benjamin Friesen.


2005-2006 Cohort:

Stephanie Woldum, Alison Phillips, Nicole Nelson, Angela Grossi, Andrea Allegrezza, Crystal Wallace, Brenda Hummel, John Geisen-Kisch


2006-2007 Cohort:

Tyler Simmers, Kelly Strait, Tracy Chalgren, Mark Fischbach, Sarah Gregg, Ann Haines, Jennifer Jones, Matthew Hardie, Sarah Streitz, Brenton Tuominen, Karla Sorensen, Lesley Hensel


2007-2008 Cohort:

Shabaka McKey, Kelly Van Dyck, Tracy Smith, Solveig Harriday, Stephanie Clark, Aaron Bucko, Shawn Kuykendall, Daniel Ekerholm, Joshua Dumas, Andrew Butler, Teresa Blascyk, Andrew Artl, Gillian Woodburn, Anna Pavlik, Rachel Morphew


2008-2009 Cohort:

Cory Carufel, J.P. Heisel, Katie Vogel, Julia Stanfield, Brian Holm


2009-2010 Cohort:

Joshua Ellis, Alex Pepin, Jenny Marshall, Derek Oslund


2010-2011 Cohort:

Anntonette Johnson, Danielle Berry, Eva Budzynski, John Leaf, Nora Austin, Angelo Roberto Torres, Lauren Sawalisch


Related Publications:

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Please contact Gillian Roehrig for information regarding scholarships.