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Study and research abroad

Transform yourself and your future.

Time abroad is more than just travel. Experiencing a new culture first-hand will expand and deepen how you think about the world, and yourself.

In addition to fostering in-demand "soft skills" like empathy and cross-cultural communication, study abroad has been shown to contribute to better grades and on-time graduation.

Did you know facts Did you know Did you know Your financial aid may transferto a study abroad program.Over 275 scholarshipsare available, ranging from $750 to over $10,000.

Upcoming destinations

Women in Thailand

Global change, community, and families in Thailand

Summer 2017
Instructors: Dr. Catherin Solheim and Linda Buturian

This interdisciplinary course uses a human ecological lens and a sustainability studies framework to examine global change that is occurring at the intersection of the natural environment in Thailand; particularly rivers and water, community, families, and culture. Students will contribute through service learning to the social change work that is being enacted through key non-governmental organizations in Thailand. 

Street scene in France

Impact of the London Olympics: 1908, 1948, 2012

Winter 2018
Instructor: Don Dengel

The city of London, England has hosted the Summer Olympic Games on three separate occasions (e.g., 1908, 1948 & 2012). This is more than any other city in the history of the modern Olympics. More importantly in hosting the three Olympic Games is the timing of these Olympic Games in relationship to the history of the United Kingdom.

Brazillian city buildings

Jamaica: Colonization, Black Identity, Slavery, and Education

Winter 2018
Instructor: Na'im Madyun

This course explores issues related to African Heritage and Slavery in the context of Jamaica. It aims to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on the history of slavery and its impact on today's social, political, and economic context. Additionally, the course hopes to create a space for students to reflect on their global identity in the historical context of African Heritage and slavery.

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Research abroad

Our departments maintain partnerships with organizations and institutions abroad, and many of our faculty are active in international research.

Many undergraduate study abroad programs include research opportunities and are eligible for the Learning Abroad Center's research scholarship.

Before leaving for Puerto Rico, our instructor encouraged building community among each other in the group and I am glad we did because that is the way of the island. Despite the socioeconomic reality for many of the communities we visited, there were always people outside, sharing a meal, enjoying the beach, and just having a strong gratitude for living life surrounded by loved ones.

- Chloe Villegas, study abroad student

Study abroad student