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McNair Scholar 2010Nathaniel Gibbs

Nathaniel Gibbs is a junior at the University of Minnesota double majoring in sociology and African American Studies. His research interests revolve around issues of social justice, poverty, race, class, and gender. Mr. Gibbs plans on pursuing a Ph.D. and teaching at a college or university.

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My dream is to start my own non-profit organization that focuses on civic engagement and academic achievement for inner city youth. I want to be a scholar activist, engaged in both the community and academia.

Research project

Effects of Incarceration on Health

Abstract: Every year more than half a million inmates are released from prison back into society. The health implications of incarceration are profound; this research seeks to gather a greater understanding of how incarceration effects the quality of health of ex-inmates. The research focus of this project is qualitative analysis of data collected in the Minnesota Exits and Entries Project (MEEP). MEEP is a data set collected from persons exiting and entering different institutions. The focus of this project centers on persons who are exiting the prison system. The project consists of interviews collected from ex-inmates, these interviews focus on the life experiences inmates face after incarceration. Transcription and analysis of these interviews will give further understanding and support to the research revealing the link between health and incarceration. For every person leaving the prison system there is a story; this project begins to tell that story. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Chris Uggen is Distinguished McKnight Professor and Chair of Sociology at the University of Minnesota. He studies crime, law, and deviance, believing that good science lights the way to a more just and safer world. His writing appears in American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Criminology, and Law & Society Review and in media such as the New York Times, The Economist, and NPR. His interests include prisoner reentry, substance use, employment, disenfranchisement, discrimination, and inequality. Chris now serves as editor of Contexts Magazine (with Doug Hartmann) and chair of his department.