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McNair Scholar 2011Morgan F. Bobo

Morgan F. Bobo is a senior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, double majoring in political science and global studies. His research interests are human rights, immigration and labor. Mr. Ahmed plans on getting his Ph.D. in political science and J.D. in international law.

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My dream is to earn my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in order to become a Child Psychologist. I want to help parents relate to their adolescent children so that parent-child relationships can continue to thrive during the adolescent period, increasing the chances that the adolescents will become successful adults.

Research project

Association between Early Adversity and Timing of the Transition to Parenthood

Abstract: The purpose of this longitudinal study was to investigate the developmental antecedents of the timing of the transition to parenthood. Measures of demographic risk at the time of the child’s birth and parent-child relationship quality across the first five years of the child’s life were collected for 181 individuals. Demographic risks included mothers’ age, education, race, and relationship status. In a follow-up assessment with the individuals at age 34, information regarding parental status and age of first childbirth was collected. The presence of demographic risk and lower parenting quality provided by mothers and fathers predicted an earlier transition to parenthood. Furthermore, parent-child relationship quality significantly mediated the associations between demographic risk and timing of the transition to parenthood. These associations did not significantly differ by the sex of the child. These findings suggest a role for the timing of the transition to parenthood in the intergenerational transmission of adversity. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Dr. W. Andrew Collins is currently a professor in the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Collins attended Stanford University where he received his Ph.D. in Communication. His research interests include interpersonal relations, including parent-adolescent relationships and couples. Dr. Collins has been widely published in many journals and has presented his work at several national and international conferences. He has received several awards for his contributions to Psychology, including awards for mentoring.