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McNair Scholar 2011Amani Stumme-Berry

Amani Stumme-Berry is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He majored in Psychology and minored in Family Social Science. His research interests revolve around experiences of trauma and problems that ethnic minorities confronted. Amani plans on getting his Ph. D. in Counseling Psychology.

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My dream is to receive a Ph.D. in counseling psychology and to help people find happiness and success even if their current lives may make this seem impossible.

Research project

Distressing Event Nomination: Trauma in the Lives of College Student

Abstract: The prevalence of trauma exposure in college students (N = 2,763) was assessed using the Traumatic Life Events Questionnaire (TLEQ) or open-ended questions in different samples. The types of events that students nominated as their worst event differed depending on the type of question that they were asked. Students nominated the death of a loved one as their most traumatic event when the TLEQ was used. However, when open-ended questions were employed, students nominated events related to education and work as their most traumatic events. Also exposure to certain events differed somewhat among student from different racial groups. These results show that studies using the TLEQ may be excluding some events that college students deem as traumatic and that certain racial groups may be more at risk for certain types of trauma. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Dr. Patricia Frazier is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the Psychology department at the University of Minnesota. Dr Frazier also attended the University of Minnesota where she received her Ph. D. in Psychology in 1988. Her research interests focus on stressful or traumatic events. Dr. Frazier has several publications and has received awards for her work within the field of psychology. This is Dr. Frazier’s first year as a McNair faculty mentor.