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McNair Scholar 2012Christopher A. Crump

Christopher A. Crump is a senior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, majoring in Spanish &Portuguese Studies. His research interests revolve around understanding race relations in Brazil and African culture in Latin America.  Mr. Crump plans to get his Master of Development Practice (MDP) in International Development at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.

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My goal in life is to advocate for underprivileged communities in the world.  Closer to home, I hope to become a role model for my nephews, due to the disproportion of college graduates among males and females in my family. As the first male college graduate of my family, I feel compelled to promote higher education for African-American males, because higher education is the path that we should be on for a prosperous future.

Research project

"Race" in Portuguese:  Representations of Race in Brazilian Literature

Abstract: Race in Brazil, like in other racially-mixed societies of the world, is a polemic topic that cannot be analyzed without discussing cultural representations.  Ideologies of race are formed in the context of major historical events that engage with racial identities. Representations of Afro-descendents, from the mid nineteenth century through most of the twentieth century, have undergone many changes. These changes can be identified in relations to three periods: the emancipation period, when Afro-descendents were represented as victims of slavery; the whitening period, which marks the moment when European immigrants were called upon to correct the supposed problem of “blackness” in Brazil; and the middle decades of the twentieth century, when racial mixing and the mulatto became the symbols of Brazil’s “racial democracy.” Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Ana Paula Ferreira is the former chair of the Spanish and Portuguese Department at the University of Minnesota.  Dr. Ferreira received her Ph.D. in Luso-Brazilian Literature and Culture in 1989 from New York University.  Her research interests centers on critical race theory and the issue of “race” in Portuguese.  In addition, she also researches representation and ethics in post-colonial Lusophone literatures.  In regards to publications, Dr. Ferreira has a quite extensive trajectory, with numerous articles and books published.  Furthermore, Dr. Ferreira is a recipient of many prestigious scholarships, including the Gulbenkian Foundation Research Award, which she received in July 1, 2011.