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McNair Scholar 2012Xue Xiong

Xue Xiong is a senior at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, with a major in Youth Studies and a minor in Asian American Studies. Her research interests encompasses providing educational and health opportunities for underrepresented youth. Miss Xiong’s future plans include Peace Corps, a Master's in Counseling, and a Doctorate in Higher Education.

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I believe my vocation in life is to challenge others and be challenged to address injustices on a multitude of levels. To always be curious and seek knowledge to not only help oneself, but better yet, to help others. And lastly, to always question what is considered the norm.

Research project

Experiences of Hmong Youth Workers:  A Pilot Study to Understand Culturally Appropriate Practice

Abstract: Hmong immigrants is one of the largest ethnic groups in Minnesota, yet seen as some of the poorest immigrant groups in the United States. In an effort to understand how to support the healthy development of Hmong youth this study explores current youth work practices with Hmong youth. This is a pilot study using semi-structured interviews with 7 youth workers with the purpose of understanding their experiences; and what they saw as important orientation and practices when working with Hmong youth. Themes that came out of the interviews include: families as strong influences in decision making, gender roles and how this impacts relationships, effective Hmong youth work through small groups, and the issue of cultural isolation and connecting with others. These implications indicate that enable to do effective youth work with Hmong youth, youth workers need to support culturally bound practices. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Michael Baizerman is the director and a professor in the Youth Studies program at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Baizerman obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from City University of New York. He went on to graduate school to obtain two Masters: one from Columbia University in Social Work and the second in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh; also from the University of Pittsburgh Dr. Baizerman received his Doctorates in Social Work. His research interests include: youth work practice, youth in a variety of life situations, cross cultural youth work, and international youth work. Dr. Baizerman has published a number of journals, 5 books, and conducted 40 talks both nationally and internationally.