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McNair Scholar 2013Song Her

Song Her is a senior at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, majoring in family social science. Her research interests are: closing the achievement gap, public policies, family systems, parent-child relationships, and racial disparities in academic performance. She plans to pursue graduate work in Higher Education.

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The great, Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, 'the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.' My dream is to overcome the education achievement gap. My dream is to make higher education accessible for all.

Research project

Underrepresentation of Racial and Ethnic Minority Group Members in Advanced Counseling and Psychology Occupations

Abstract: he study examines whether there is an underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minority group members in counseling and psychology occupations that include marriage and family therapists. Representation ratios are computed in these occupations by race/ethnicity and gender using the American Community Census (ACS) five year (5 percent) sample for 2007-2011. The representation ratio is the ratio of the kth group's probability of being employed in an occupation to the overall probability of employment in the occupation. These probabilities are computed for persons 16-60 years of age, with two or more years of post-secondary education. We compute the presentation ratios for all counselors, counselors with advanced (Masters, Professional and Doctorate) degrees, and psychologists with advanced degrees. We test the hypothesis that there are statistically significant differences in the representation ratios between white, non-Hispanics and specific racial and ethnic minority group members. Download poster. [PDF]

Research Team members include Blanca Monter (MPP), associate program director, Wilkins Center and Tuo Jiang, a graduate student in public policy at the Humphrey School.

Faculty profile

Samuel L. Myers, Jr is the Roy Wilkins Professor of Human Relations and Social Justice and director of the Wilkins Center in the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Morgan State University, in 1971. In 1976, Dr. Myers received his Ph.D. in Economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Myers is a national authority on modeling of racial and ethnic economic inequality. He specializes in the examination of racial disparities in crime, credit markets, and public procurement and contracting. He has been a McNair faculty mentor for 43 undergraduates since 1994.