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McNair Scholar 2013Ivan Ishkov

Ivan Ishkov is a junior at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, double majoring in physics and electrical engineering. His current research interests are in condensed matter as well as optics. Mr. Ishkov plans on getting his Ph.D. in physics.

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My dream is to be involved with research and answer the questions that will solve some of the mysteries that cloud our current understanding of how the universe works.

Research project

Time Dependence of the Magnetic After Effect in Co/Pd Multilayer Thin Films

Abstract: The magnetic after effect was explored in Co/Pd multilayer thin films with a magnetization perpendicular to the film plane using the Extraordinary Hall Effect (EHE). The voltage due to the EHE measures the net magnetization perpendicular to the plane of the film; the sign of the voltage changes from an up to down magnetization orientation relative to the film plane. It was found that at applied fields when the magnetization of the Co/Pd sample was flipping its magnetization from up to down, the EHE voltage varied with time as a quasi-logarithm of time. These measurements were made at multiple magnetic fields in the regime when the magnetization was flipping. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

E. Dan Dahlberg is a professor in the Physics Department in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota. He is an Institute of Technology Distinguished Professor. Dahlberg received his Ph.D. in physics from UCLA in 1978. His research focuses on magnetism and he is the director of the Magnetic Microscopy Center. Dr. Dahlberg publishes his research results regularly and gives invited talks at universities and conferences around the world.