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McNair Scholar 2013Yonatan Kebede

Yonatan Kebede is a senior biochemistry major at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. His research interests revolve around cell cycle, cancer biology and protein Biochemistry. Mr. Kebede plans on getting his Ph.D. in biochemistry with a focus on cancer and related clinical research.

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My dream is to establish my career in academics and collaborate with pharmaceutical firms in drug design and development.

Research project

Molecular Analysis of Centrosome in Mammalian Cells: Cep 152

Abstract: Discovered and described in the late 19th century, centrosome are multi protein complex organelle that are found in most animal cells. This organelle is the major microtubule organizing center of cell and is consisted of a pair of centrioles surrounded by pericentriolar matrix. In spite of the long history of its discovery, the components of centrosome and how they work together to orchestrate this microtubule organizing activity are not fully understood. With the recent advent of new technology, many centrosome proteins have been identified and characterized, yet their localization and role in centrosome remained elusive. In this study, we analyzed one recently identified centrosomal protein called Cep 152 to identify its detailed localization in the mammalian centrioles/centrosome. We further demonstrated a possible role of Cep 152 in microtubule organization on the centrosome. These results are important to understand the unregulated mechanism of the centrosomal function and microtubule organization in cancer cells. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Ryoko Kuriyama is Professor in Department of Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development,University of Minnesota-School of Medicine. She received her Ph.D. in biochemistry from University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. Her research interest includes cell cycle and cell growth control by studying the molecular mechanism and regulation of mitosis and cell division using multidisciplinary approaches. Her major current focus is on molecular analysis of centrioles/centrosome in mammalian cells.