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McNair Scholar 2013Anna Ma

Anna Ma is a senior at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities majoring in child psychology with a focus on occupational therapy. Her research interests are related to developmental disorders of children and adults. Ms. Ma plans to receive her master's and Ph.D. in occupational therapy to serve underrepresented populations abroad.

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My dream is to receive a Ph.D. in occupational therapy to help serve individuals with mental, physical, or developmental disabilities internationally. I want to create health programs that provide awareness and therapy for underserved populations to help improve the quality of life worldwide.

Research project

Essential Fine Motor Skills of Clinical Laboratory Science Professionals

Abstract: Fine motor skill of hand functioning, also known as dexterity, is an individual's ability to coordinate fingers to manipulate an object including grasp patterns, reaching patterns and in-hand manipulation. For this study, fine motor skills of a clinical laboratory scientist (CLS) were observed to describe the fine motor skills required by the profession. This description will provide a basis for task adaptations and motor remediation when these skills are impaired. CLS hand movements were recorded for classification of grasp an in-hand manipulation patterns, fine motor skills, frequency of usage in each "unit of practice" and the percentage of bimanual symmetry used. The results show that the common skills used are the two and three point pinch with 22.54% of bimanual symmetry hand movements and 87.46% bimanual asymmetry. These results will help describe the dexterity skills needed of CLS students and may inform development of adaptive tools for individuals with disabilities. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Peggy M. Martin OTR/L, is the program director of Occupational Therapy at the University of Minnesota. She received her bachelor's of science in occupational therapy at the University of Minnesota, her master's in occupational therapy at the University of Illinois, Chicago and Ph.D. in adult education at the University of Minnesota. Martin's past and current research has been in areas of cultural competent practice and the scholarship of teaching and learning. She currently teaches in occupational therapy and society, neuroscience and supports instruction in courses pertaining to pediatric practice.