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McNair Scholar 2014Mulki Naleye

Mulki Naleye is a senior at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, pursuing a double major in Business & Marketing Education and Human Resource Development, with a minor of Teaching English as Second Language. She will also receive a certificate in Adult Education. Her research interest is in the role that school choice plays in improving the life chances of recent immigrants. She hopes to obtain a master’s degree in Multicultural College Teaching and Learning (PsTL) at the College of Education and Human Development.

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My dream is to become a K-12 educational policy expert. My goal is to make public schools a comfortable place for everyone and reduce cultural ambiguities using my experiences and education. What guides me is the motto: 'There is always an opportunity for change'

Research project

School choice: Factors Influencing Somali Immigrant Parents’ Choices for their Children

Abstract: Education is universally regarded as an important factor predicting individual life success. For many in the Somali immigrant community, education is a key strategy for improving their children’s opportunities as U.S. citizens. Minnesota’s school choice policies provide immigrant parents with opportunities to select from a variety of options for their children’s education. The target population of this research was Somali-American mothers who are adapting to the mainstream educational system despite the different school choices available. This project examines the factors that Somali parents consider when choosing an elementary school based on interviews with 10 mothers. For this research, we focused on considerations of culture, quality of education, environmental conformability, accessibility availability, academic opportunities and other possible factors. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Dr. Karen Seashore is a Regents’ Professor at the University of Minnesota and holds the Robert Holmes Beck Chair of Ideas in Education. She serves as Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development. Professor Seashore received her Ph. D. in Sociology from Columbia University in 1975. Her primary research interests focus on school improvement and school reform. Her main area of expertise includes improvement in K-12 leadership and policy, particularly in urban secondary schools. Professor Seashore also conducts research on organizational change within higher education, with particular attention to faculty roles, and on international comparative policy in educational reform. Dr. Seashore has had multiple publications including 13 books and 150 book chapters and journal articles.