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McNair Scholar 2014Joe Vang

Joe Vang is a 5th year senior at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, majoring in Biology, Society, and Environment. His research interests include Pharmacy Practice Experience, Pharmacy Informatics, and Medication Therapy Management. Mr. Vang plans on getting a Pharm.D. in order to become a leader in today’s changing HealthCare.

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Pharmacists play a leading role in managing medication in an ever-changing healthcare environment. My dream is to pursue a degree in pharmacy in order to become a health professional and leader in providing care and community education to the older Hmong generation.

Research project

Evaluation of Patient Oriented Drug-Drug Interactions Information Systems

Abstract: Drug-Drug Interactions (DDI) are a common reason for hospitalization and major clinical concern as many patients are on multiple drug therapy. With the rise in technology in the past decades, DDI Information Systems are useful tools in identifying and warning health professionals of clinically significant DDI. While many researches initiatives completed on DDI Information Systems in professional settings such as community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and independent pharmacies; there has been little to no research done on DDI systems offered through online websites to ambulatory care patients. The focus of this research is to test patient oriented websites’ capacity to correctly identify drug interactions that have been known to be clinically significant. An analysis of the Information Capacity, Patient Usability and Readability concerning commonly used medical websites assess the ability to provide relevant and reliable information to patients. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Dr. Terrence Adam R.Ph., Ph.D., M.D., is currently an associate professor at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Pharmacy at South Dakota State University, his Ph.D. in Health Informatics and M.D. at the University of Minnesota, and Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic Arizona. His research focuses on Clinical Informatics with substantial work on clinical decision support development and point of care information technology applications to facilitate clinical care delivery.