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McNair Scholar 2015Bailey M. Galloway

Bailey M. Galloway is a senior at St. Catherine University, and is majoring in American Sign Language Interpreting. Her research interests include creating more ethnic diversity in the interpreting field and how students can better prepare for the national interpreting certification exam post graduation. Bailey plans to obtain her Ph.D. in American Sign Language/ English Interpretation.

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I plan to create and implement programs that will create more ethnic diversity within the interpreting field. I would like to educate ethnic minorities on interpreting and other unique career paths.

Research project

American Sign Language: Monitoring Student Progress

Abstract: An increasing number of students are taking American Sign Language (ASL) to either fulfill a language requirement in school or to pursue a career. ASL is a visual language that poses unique barriers in teacher evaluation of student progress. This study uses curriculum-based measurement (CBM), which is a formative measure of student ASL fluency. The aim is to identify CBM indicators of fluency as accurate measures of student progress. This was done using computer software called Avenue ASL where the researcher recorded 8 sentences and posted 5 pictures. The study participants were then given access to the software and were able to view the tasks (8 sentences and 5 pictures). They were given instructions to repeat the sentence and name the pictures using ASL. The researcher then scored each participant’s performance on the ASL tasks. The relationship of the ASL task scores and the participants’ self-ratings were analyzed. In addition, an external ASL expert rated the general performance of participants, which were compared to the scores given by the researcher. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Susan Rose is currently a professor and coordinator of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program at the University of Minnesota. She obtained her Ph.D. in special education and human development at The Ohio State University. Rose’s research interests include literacy development and interventions with deaf and hard of hearing children and the unique ways they gain access to information. Rose will be retiring December 2015.