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McNair Scholar 2015Lanmin Manjang

Lanmin Manjang is studying health and wellness through the Inter College Program.

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My dream is to attend graduate school and eventually obtain my Ph.D. in the nursing field. My goal is to become a nurse practitioner traveling to third-world countries to treat people in need. Eventually I want to return to the US to work as a nurse practitioner in a large hospital.

Research project

“These are hard questions:” An Investigation of 6th Graders’ Developmental Abilities to Answer Survey Items

Abstract: Pretesting procedures to improve survey data quality is an important step in increasing rigor of educational and health research focused on youth. A pilot survey was conducted to test length of assent procedures and administration of a 12-page questionnaire asking 6th graders about school experiences, family and friends, school, alcohol and drugs, etc. Cognitive interviews were also conducted to test cognitive processes (i.e., comprehension, retrieval, and response) of students to answer questions. The sample was 9 diverse students attending Sojourner Truth Academy. The major pilot survey finding was that procedures took 28.5 minutes to complete, suggesting the team plan to conduct surveys in a class longer than a 20-minute advisory period. Major cognitive interview findings were that students could comprehend questions asked, retrieve memories useful in answering, and pick from response options to communicate answers. Results will guide refinement of implementation procedures for a larger study focused on improving academic and health outcomes for students in diverse, urban middle schools. Download poster. [PDF]

Faculty profile

Barbara J. McMorris, Ph.D. is a sociologist and associate professor in the School of Nursing at the University of Minnesota. She is also the evaluation team co-leader for the Healthy Youth Development*Prevention Research Center, located in the Department of Pediatrics. Through research, technical assistance, evaluation and public engagement, the PRC designs, implements, evaluates and trains on best practices in adolescent health. Our focus is on positive youth development, health promotion, and health and educational equity. McMorris’ research centers around prevention of health risk behaviors among youth, such as substance use, sexual risk-taking, violence, bullying, and school disconnection and drop-out.