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Featured faculty's research areas


Donald Dengel, Kinesiology
Adolescents / Youth, Health, Movement Science, Obesity, Physical Activity, Seniors, Aging, Gerontology

Juergen Konczak, Kinesiology
Cognitive Development, Early Childhood, Motor Development, Movement Science, Neuroscience, Physical Disability

Diane Wiese-Bjornstahl, Kinesiology
Gender & Sexuality, Health, Loss & Trauma, Physical Activity, Sport, Sport & Exercise Psychology

Human Services

Amy Krentzman, School of Social Work
Alcohol and substance use disorders, addiction treatment and recovery, 12-step programs, spirituality, gratitude, positive psychology, the Addiction Recovery Movement, reflective listening and other foundation skills in social work practice

Ross VeLure Roholt, School of Social Work
Adolescents / Youth, Community Engagement, Evaluation, Social Work

Martha Rueter, Family Social Science
Adolescents / Youth, Adoption, Families & Conflict, Mental Health, Parenting, Psychopathology

Zha Xiong, Family Social Science
Adolescents / Youth, Cultural Competence, Family Education, Immigration, Parenting, Specific Cultures (Southeast Asian)

Virginia Solis Zuiker, Family Social Science
Adolescents / Youth, Counseling, Cultural Competence, Decision Making, Family Economics

Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

Jarrett Gupton Access to Education, Culture & Education, Higher Education, Policy, Qualitative Research Methods

Louis Quast Leadership development for executives, managers, and administrators, Organization development, Training and development, Adult career development, Measurement of motivation, Team effectiveness/team leadership

Karen Seashore Education Policy K-12, Faculty, Higher Education, Leadership, Organizational Systems, Systems Change


Vichet Chhuon, Curriculum and Instruction
Adolescents / Youth, Cultural Competence, Culture & Education, Immigration, Specific Cultures (Southeast Asian), Student Achievement

Keisha Varma, Educational Psychology
Cognitive Development, Educational Psychology, Learning Technologies, Science Education, Teacher Education

Sashank Varma, Educational Psychology
Cognitive Development, Educational Psychology, Math Education, Neuroimaging, Psychological Models

Rose Vukovic, Educational Psychology

Institute of Child Development

Jed Elison, Institute of Child Development
Autism Spectrum Disorders, Brain Development, Cognitive Development, Developmental Psychology, Early Childhood, Neuroscience

Megan Gunnar, Institute of Child Development
Adoption, Brain Development, Developmental Psychology, Early Childhood, Psychological Stress, Social Development

Glenn Roisman, Institute of Child Development
Developmental Psychology, Early Childhood, Intimate Relationships, Parenting, Social Development