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Study abroad scholarships

CEHD undergraduate study abroad scholarships

Deadline: The next application deadline is April 11, 2018. This application is for students studying abroad during the academic year 2018-19 or fall semester 2018.

Application: Apply online.

Essay: Put your name and student ID in the upper right-hand corner. Address the following questions:

  • What motivated you to select your particular study abroad program? Address any academic*, career, and/or personal goals that were part of your decision, and expand on one or more of them. (350 words maximum, double-spaced)

* Note that “academic” goals do not need to be related to your major; we are looking for you to describe how the program coursework and/or components are relevant to your goals. Regardless of what type of goal(s) you are focusing on, explain how your goal(s) enhances intellectual learning. Applications will be evaluated based on how thoroughly you answer the specific essay question, and how well your essay is written, in terms of grammar, punctuation and organization.

Amount: Varies by award term; usually $1,000 for full semester

Academic Year 2018-19 or Fall Semester 2018: April 11, 2018

Criteria: Open to CEHD undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program and participating in an approved University of Minnesota study-abroad program.

Scholarships are awarded during several terms throughout the academic year. Apply for the deadline that corresponds with the term you will be abroad. For programs with an on-campus component, the term you are registered for may be different than the term you will be abroad. For example, if you are going on a fall two-eight week program that has classes on campus fall semester in addition to the study abroad portion over winter break, apply for the winter break deadline instead of fall.

Low-income and first-generation students are eligible for the CEHD Global Engagement or Global Discovery awards as well as our general CEHD Study Abroad awards. To apply for these awards, complete the online application below. You will be asked to submit an additional essay, which is described in the application.

Students may also receive scholarships from the University Learning Abroad Center, and you are encouraged to apply for both. The essay instructions below for the CEHD Study Abroad scholarship are substantially the same as the essay instructions for the Learning Abroad Center scholarships, which have the same deadline. More information on Learning Abroad Center scholarships.

Contact: CEHD Student Services, 612-625-3339, email:

Alumni Society study abroad scholarship

Deadline: The application deadline for 2018-19 has passed.

Essay: You will be prompted to respond to the following question in 250 words or less:

  • Provide your plan for studying abroad (term planned for the program in 2018-2019; specific program you are planning; preparation you have already done for the program; academic or personal reasons you have chosen this specific study abroad program).

Amount: $2000. Up to three scholarships can be awarded, depending on availability of funds.

Award date: During the academic term of the student's study abroad program.

Criteria: Open to all undergraduate applicants in CEHD who are currently enrolled as full-time students in a degree-seeking program, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and are participating in an approved 2018 University of Minnesota study abroad program of three weeks or more (15 study or school days), to earn at least 3 credits.

Targeted at individuals who identify as first-generation college students (parents/guardian did not complete a four-year degree).

Students must take part in the study abroad program prior to their graduation clearance (i.e. students applying for clearance at the end of spring semester would not be eligible to receive their scholarship for a study abroad in May session or summer sessions).

Did you know facts Did you know Did you know More than 200 CEHD student studyabroad each year. Programsinclude internships in Londonand Spain and global seminarsin South Africa and Thailand.