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Sliding Fee Scale - Bi-Weekly Rates effective 3/14/2018

The fee scale at the University of Minnesota Child Center is based on age, area of enrollment and gross annual household income. The range of gross income for each tier is determined by a formula using a percentage of the State Median Income (SMI) for a family of three of $80,770.

Based on Income Levels
Income Level Qualification
Below 75% of SMI
< $60,575
Reduced Care Costs
75% - 125% of SMI
$60,960 - $104,932
Middle Care Costs
Over 125% of SMI
High Care Costs

Full-Time Care Costs [Monday - Friday]
Age Range Reduced Care Costs Middle Care Costs High Care Costs
Infants 555 675 750
Toddlers 525 615 700
Young Pre-K 455 575 640
Older Pre-K 445 565 630

To qualify for any fee other than the "High Income Level" cost rate, proof of gross annual household income must be provided upon enrollment, in October, February, and May thereafter.