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Language Unit: Adverbial clauses of cause
(…because I was tired)

This unit was written for middle to upper elementary students, however, if you have older students who need to develop this structure, you can use similar steps and procedures with age-appropriate materials and activities.

As you develop this language component, use only language structures and concepts the students already know. They should be familiar with the “Why--?” question from exposure in social contexts. If necessary, review the structure of the Why--? question form by comparing it to familiar Wh-questions using do support (Where did___go? and What did___do? question forms).

The Why--? can be answered with clauses and phrases, that is, clauses starting with because…, infinitive phrases starting with to, and prepositional phrases starting with for.

This unit focuses on Why question forms that are answered with an adverbial clause starting with because.

Tell students what they will learn and why

Teacher Demonstration/Modeling

Repeat procedures two or three times using different pictures.

Guided Practice

Repeat this activity two more times using different pictures. Select three more pictures. Go through the same steps as previously.

Independent Practice

Independent Application

Use similar steps and procedures as described in this unit.