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Language Unit: Adverbial (prepositional) phrases (on, under, in)

This unit was written for young children, however, if you have older students who need to develop these concepts, you can use a similar format with age-appropriate materials and activities.

Teacher Demonstration/Modeling

Have a table in front of the room. In a large box on the floor, have the objects that you will use, e.g., plate, bowl, glass, cup. Use objects that are already in their vocabulary.

Tell students what they will learn and why

Guided Practice

If your student(s) have some functional hearing, in all guided practice activities, encourage them to notice how the words/sentences look when speechreading and how they sound. If appropriate, present speechreading and auditory discrimination activities using the words and sentences in the unit.

Independent practice

Independent application

Concept development of under

Use steps and procedures similar to those described for the preposition on.

Discrimination activities for on and under

Develop concept of in using similar steps and procedures.

Independent application