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Language Unit: Colors (red, yellow, blue, and black)

Strategy Steps:

Introduction and Motivation

Tell students what they will learn and why

Teacher demonstration/modeling

Guided practice

(If your student(s) have some usable hearing, in all guided practice activities, encourage them to notice how the words/sentences look when lipreading and how they sound. If appropriate, present lipreading and auditory discrimination activities using the words and sentences from the unit.)

Ask: What did you find?

Elicit response: A red ball.

Reinforce response: Yes, you found a red ball!

Write on chart: (child’s name) found a red ball.

Read, sign/say the sentence and then ask the children to read it.

Encourage accurate signing and speech.

Independent practice

Independent application

Review of previous work and introduction to new color concept

(Many concepts can be developed using a format similar to that presented here, for example, adjectives of size: big, little; descriptive adjectives: glad, sad).