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Language Unit: Relative clauses in final position (object clauses): (I met the man who helped you.)

This unit was written for upper elementary/middle school students, however, if you have older students who need to develop this structure, you can use a similar format with age-appropriate materials and activities.

As you develop this language component, use only language structures and concepts the students already know. They should be familiar with clauses conjoined by and and but and adverbial clauses telling Why--? and When--? Relative clauses are adjective clauses that modify nouns.

Tell the students what they will learn and why

Tell the students that they will learn a new English sentence structure. They will learn another way to combine short sentences to make longer sentences. Ask students why we sometimes want to use longer sentences (in previous units this was discussed so students should know that they use both short and long sentences to give variety to their writing and make it more interesting.

Teacher demonstration/modeling

(Note: The relative pronouns that and which can both be used in relative clauses that modify an object. That is used in restrictive clauses; which is used in nonrestrictive clauses.)

Guided Practice

Review work from the previous lesson.

Independent Practice

Independent Application