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Webinar 3. Monitoring Progress in Written Expression: Implementation and Administration

  1. Administration procedures for CBM screening and progress monitoring in the area of writing.
  2. Scoring CBM Written Expression measures with 99% accuracy and reliability.
  3. Graphing student data and establishing writing goals.

Implementing progress monitoring in writing


The purpose of the screening process is to determine the current level of performance in written expression. Screening procedures are used to establish a baseline that can be used as the reference point for student progress.

Screening can also be used to determine a student’s written English performance when compared to students in his/her class or a sample of students at the same grade level.

Procedures for Screening

Setting baselines

Setting goals

Research suggests that when teachers set ambitious goals for their students, there is a positive effect on student growth (11).

Video: Maren Hadley about time and implementation.

Example of monitoring writing progress


Written Expression Procedures (Administration Script from EdCheckUp)

Sentence Copying Procedures (Administration Script from EdCheckUp)

Scoring Guidelines for Written Expression

All scoring methods from and


^ She^ went^ to^ the^ store^ and^ bought^some^ chocolate^.


­_ she^ went v the^ store v buy^ chocolate^.

Corrected Writing Sample

Graphing CBM Writing scores