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Alternate Assessments Based on Modified Academic Achievement Standards (AA-MAS)

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AA-MAS Overview

Alternate assessments based on modified achievement standards (AA-MAS) are assessments that some states may use to evaluate the performance of a small group of students with disabilities. Federal legislation requires that all students, including students with disabilities, be included in accountability systems. Many students can take the general assessment with or without accommodations, but some students with disabilities need alternate ways to access assessments. AA-MAS is an assessment option for some students with an IEP whose progress to date, in response to appropriate instruction, is such that the student is unlikely to achieve grade-level proficiency within the school year covered by the IEP. Students qualifying for AA-MAS may be from any disability category. Students who are assessed with this option are required to have instruction in grade-level content. Students qualifying for an AA-MAS may be from any disability category.

The US Department of Education currently is moving away from the use of the AA-MAS; and many states that offer this option will phase it out by 2014.

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