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About the Instructor, Linda Buturian

Linda Buturian has taught in the humanities at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis for eight years. She has also taught writing intensive courses shaped around themes of sustainability. In 2006, Buturian was awarded a leave from the university to develop curriculum around the resource of water, and received funding to travel to New Zealand to research water resource protection and sustainability models. In 2007, Linda created a freshman seminar on water that integrates both the sciences and the humanities, and gives students the opportunity to create digital stories about water resource topics. The water seminar is in its third year.

Prior to receiving her masters of arts in literature and writing from the University of Cincinnati, Buturian was the director of a community environmental organization in the Oregon Cascades, which addressed citizen-based solutions to watershed and ecosystem issues. Buturian has published essays, poetry, short stories, interviews, and articles in publications including Shouts and Whispers (Eerdmans 2006), Life in Body (Cathedral Hill Press 2006), and Utne Reader.

Buturian’s recent collection of essays, World Gone Beautiful: Life Along the Rum River, was published by Cathedral Hill Press in 2008.

The following photos were taken by Buturian in the floodplain and along the banks of the wild and scenic Rum River, where she lives.  The curricular design of the integrated water seminar was inspired in great part by Buturian’s walks along the Rum. Known as Mde Waken (spirit lake or river), by the Dakota, the Rum River flows into the Mississippi River.


Otago, South Island, New Zealand

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