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Dear CEHD Faculty and Staff,

After robust and informative discussions with the CEHD Department Chairs and Senior Leadership Team, CEHD College Consultative Committee, FCC leadership, the President and other senior university administrators, I am pleased to announce that a University-wide internal search for the next dean of the College of Education and Human Development will move forward this spring. Recognizing the academic talent within the college, collegiate strengths and opportunities, and our budget-constrained environment, your internal dean search will be one of three that will take place this spring in units with planned transitions and strong interim deans in place.

I believe an internal search can be conducted usefully, fairly, and quickly, and that we can identify an academic leader for the College of Education and Human Development from among the ranks of outstanding senior faculty. I have great confidence that an internal search will yield a dean who is excellently suited to lead the college forward. An internal search will also provide important benefits of stability and continuity to the college and the University during these unprecedented times.

I welcome your confidential nominations of individuals from the college to serve on a search committee. Please include brief comments in support of your nominations. The search committee will primarily be made up of faculty who have the academic expertise required for an academic administrative hiring process but will also include individuals from other roles as well. Please send your suggestions via email to by Friday, February 5.

As with any search the public interview and evaluation process will engage all faculty, staff, and student leaders of the college, along with alumni and other internal and external stakeholders.

I will construct a diverse and representative search committee from among the nominations and will announce the search committee membership and timeline in February. We will soon establish a dean search webpage on the college website to provide information and ongoing updates. My goal is to have a new dean selected before the end of the semester.

I am grateful for your input, and your continued support and engagement as we move forward with a robust search process adapted to our changing circumstances. I welcome additional input you may have; please feel free to reach out at

Sincerely yours,

Rachel T.A. Croson
Executive Vice President and Provost

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For more information about the search process,
please contact: Deb Cran,
Senior Assistant to the Provost.