Centennial 100 Distinguished Alumni Award

As part of the college centennial celebration in 2006 we invited nominations of individuals whose work in the world has contributed to the college’s reputation and impact.

We received many nominations and faced the daunting task of selecting only 100 among these amazing and worthy nominees. The 100 listed here, through their lives and work, have made a positive difference for children, youth, families, schools, institutions, and organizations. In addition to these alumni, we also honor the accomplishments of the 100 College of Human Ecology alumni, many of who are now CEHD alumni.

Ira Aaron

Barbara Ainsworth

Ahmad Ajarimah

Stanley Baker

Joel Barker

Elizabeth Bernhardt

Philip Besonen

Kathleen Bowman

Mary Brabeck

Douglas Bryant

Elsworth Buskirk

Kathleen Cahill

Carmen Campbell

Andrea Canter

Margaret Carlson

Marcia Carthaus

Jean Clarke

Eli Coleman

George Copa

Mary Corcoran

Barbara Dickey

Don Draayer

Kenneth Dragseth

George B. Droubie

Ann Duin

Glenace Edwall

Mary Endorf

Douglas and Lynn Fuchs

William Gardner

Janet Graden

Thomas Griffin

Mearl Guthrie

Susan Hagstrum

Norena Hale

Sunny Sundal Hansen

Jerome Harste

John Haugo

Lowell Hellervik

Karen Matison Hess

Janet Hively

Rosalind Horowitz

Brian Ingvalson

Eloise Jaeger

Wayne Jennings

Scott Johnson

David C. Johnson

James B. Sean Kenney

Sung Soo Kim

Amy Jean Knorr

Paula Laidig

Howard D. Lee

Xiaoming Li

James W. Lichtenberg

Mary Lundeberg

Stanley Madeja

Douglas Marston

R. Paul Marvin

Patricia McLagan

William Mehrens

Kenneth Metz

David Metzen

Mildred "Mike" Mueller

Patricia Irene Mulcahy-Ernt

Ron Olson

Pamela Paulson

Mitchell Pearlstein

Edgar Persons

Robert Pianta

Lowell and Leonard Pratt

Michael Pressley

John Red Horse

Charles Ridley

Kathryn Roberts

Cathy Roller

Jean Rondal

Marilyn Rossmann

Muriel Ryden

Stanley Sahlstrom

Wendy Shannon

Cheol Shin

Thomas Slettehaugh

Karl Smith

Matthew Stark

Kate Steffens

Sharon Louise Studer

Beth Sulzer-Azaroff

Louise Sundin

Mildred Templin

Kay Thomas

Gerald Tindal

Dean Tjosvold

Dorothy Tucker

Charles Turnbull

Margaret Virum

David Walsh

Garry Walz

Colleen Wieck

Larry Wilson

Tong-in Wongsothorn

Frank Wood

Steven Yussen

Distinguished alumni profiles [PDF]