2010 CEHD Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumni

Howard L. Agee
B.S., mathematics, 1949
leader in mental health reform

Ada C. Alden
M.A., education, 1984; Ed.D., educational administration, 1997
leader in early childhood education

Maureen Bazinet Beck
B.S., education, 1966; M.Ed., 1978
passionate advocate for and leader in public education

James M. Becker
B.S., education, 1947; M.A., educational psychology, 1949
leader in global education

Dorothy L. Berger
M.S.W., social work, 1966
leader in the field of social work

Emanuel J. Block
M.Ed., work, community, and family education, 2001; Ph.D., work and human resource education, 2007
distinguished engineer, educator, and mentor

Robert B. Bloom
Ph.D., educational psychology, 1973
respected teacher, therapist, and administrator for children with disabilities

David L. Clough
Ph.D., educational administration, 1983
leader in supporting and improving education

Barbara S. Devlin
Ph.D., educational administration, 1978
respected educator and leader in K-12 education

Linda Schaak Distad
M.Ed., early childhood education, 1979
respected academician and leader in teacher education

Denneth C. Dvergsten
M.A., curriculum and instruction, 1956; Ph.D., science education and ecology, 1971
distinguished teacher, mentor, and leader in science education

David G. Elton
M.A., curriculum and instruction, 1969
distinguished educator and supporter of global humanitarian causes

Iris C. Freeman
M.S.W., social work, 1977
advocate and leader for vulnerable adults

Ruth Mork Hansen
Ph.D., education, 1980
distinguished teacher and researcher

Andrea Hricko Hjelm
B.A., language arts, 1965
successful businesswoman, community leader, and dedicated volunteer

James R. Hoffner
B.S., mathematics, 1969
notable educator, businessman, and University advocate

Raymond T. Hoheisel
Ed.D., educational administration, 1973
distinguished educator and advocate for educational improvement

Linda L. Holstein
B.S., English, 1970
successful lawyer, educator, and community leader

Timothy J. Keane
A.A., general education, 1973
distinguished lawyer and leader in education

Peggy D. Kennedy
M.A., business education, 1980; Ed.D., educational administration, 1997
leader in higher education

Linda Madsen
B.S., home economics education, 1981; M.A., home economics education, 1985, Ph.D., education, 2000
leader in K-12 education

Kathleen McGree
B.S., elementary education, 1975; M.Ed., elementary education, 1977
distinguished leader in elementary science and math education

Crystal K. Meriwether
B.S., English, 1969; Ph.D., educational administration, 1984; M.Ed., vocational education, 1996
respected educator and diplomat

Dirk A. Miller
Ph.D., educational psychology, 1993
dedicated therapist and leader in the field of eating disorders

Elliott L. Moeser
Ph.D., educational administration, 1988
leader in supporting and improving education

Rolf W. Parsons
B.S., biological science, 1970; M.A., secondary education, 1973; Ph.D., education, 1978
successful business owner, public servant, and educational advocate

Caryl K. Pierson
B.S., mathematics, 1957
dedicated educator and businesswoman supporting at-risk students

Eleanor Ruud Shelling
B.S., English, 1951
entrepreneur, non-profit founder, and advocate for families living with autism

Debra K. Schipper
M.Ed., special education, 1993
leader in special education

Judith A. Schuck
B.S., English, 1961; M.A., educational psychology, 1968; Ph.D., educational psychology, 1986
leader in education and advocate for at-risk students

Barbara J. Shin
B.S., elementary education, 1961; M.A., educational administration, 1982; Ph.D., educational administration, 1989
leader in education, advocate for inclusion, and outstanding volunteer

Warren R. Spannaus
B.S., business administration, Carlson School of Management and General College, 1958
distinguished lawyer and public servant

Kathleen Topolka-Jorissen
B.S., English, 1968; M.A., secondary education, 1979; Ph.D., educational policy and administration, 2000
respected academician and educational policy expert

Carl I. Wahlstrom
B.S., elementary education, 1963; M.A., educational administration, 1967; Ed.D., educational administration, 1982
veteran educator and leader in support of educational improvement

Christine Warren
M.S.W., social work, 1971
dedicated therapist and successful entrepreneur

Betty J. Webb
M.A., educational administration, 1974; Ed.D., educational administration, 1996
leader in education and school founder

Dorothy B. Welch
B.S., English, 1958; M.A., education, 1963; Ph.D., education, 1993
leader for gifted and talented education

Degrees listed were earned in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota.