2011 CEHD Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumni

James M. Bauck
M.A., educational administration, 1982; Ph.D., educational administration, 1984
outstanding educational leader and advocate

Sharon Lee Beckstrom
B.S., home economics education, 1972; M.A., home economics, 1976
respected educator, teacher, researcher and consultant

Judi Devin
B.S., education, curriculum, instruction and educational technology, 1968
successful entrepreneurial leader in education and business

Mark C. Dienhart
M.A., mass communication, 1978; Ph.D., education, 1988
exceptional leader in business and higher education

Mary Juntti Dooley
B.S., family relationships, 1970; M.E., early childhood education, 1977
distinguished educator and passionate advocate

Carole Gesme
B.S., education, 1959
nationally recognized family educator and author

James Hansen
B.S., life science and broad area science, 1978
entrepreneurial business leader and University volunteer

Marilyn Novotney Horowitz
M.E., vocational industrial education, 1987
distinguished business and community leader

Mick Johnson
M.A., education, 1973
outstanding educator, health care administrator and community leader

Virginia Mahannah Juffer
B.S., home economics education, 1961; M.S., home economics, 1964
dedicated home economics educator and advocate for learners

Linda Hall Keller
M.S.W., social work, 1975; Ph.D., educational administration, 1980
dedicated educator, corporate leader and community volunteer

Charles Kyte
Ph.D., educational administration, 1987
outstanding educational leader and advocate for public education

Marilynn Moller Leaf
B.S., elementary education, 1968; M.A., elementary education, 1977
distinguished teacher and advocate, and friend of refugees

Herman S. Markowitz
B.A., social work, 1950; M.S.W., social work, 1952
outstanding leader in Jewish communal service

Gerald L. McCoy
Ed.D., educational administration, 1978
distinguished educator and passionate advocate

Regina McNeil
Ph.D., educational psychology, 1984
outstanding community leader and philanthropist

T. Patrick Mullen
Ph.D., educational psychology, 1971
distinguished educator and advocate for young learners

Peter A. Nasvik
A.A., general education, 1963
distinguished entrepreneurial business leader

Jan Ormasa
M.A., educational psychology, 1974
passionate advocate, administrator, and teacher for students with disabilities

Bette J. Peltola
B.S., elementary education, 1960; M.A., education, 1962; Ph.D., education, 1965
distinguished college educator and champion of children’s literature

Dorothy J. Petitt
B.S., education, 1945; Ed.D., education, 1961
respected professor, civic leader and loyal alumna

Robert P. Pettengill
A.A., 1952; B.S., 1954
notable leader in higher education and lifelong learning

Joanne Provo
Ph.D., education, 2000
outstanding executive, educator and community leader

Robert L. St. Clair
Ed.D., education, 1971
revered educator and dedicated friend of the University

Donovan L. Schwichtenberg
M.A., curriculum and instruction, 1968
distinguished administrator leader and educator

Joan A. Sorenson
M.A., educational administration, 1974; Ph.D., educational administration, 1983
passionate advocate and innovative school leader

Patrick J. Strother
B.S., English education, 1978
outstanding communications professional, company founder and passionate teacher

Mitchell David Trockman
B.S., elementary education, 1962; M.A., secondary education, 1972; M.A., educational administration, 1975
respected leader in public school education in Minnesota

Carolyn Zahn-Waxler
M.A., child development, 1964; Ph.D., child development, 1967
outstanding researcher in child development

Degrees listed were earned in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota.