2013 CEHD Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumni

Shirley J. Billigmeier
B.S., physical education, 1971
M.A., physical education, 1975
M.A., education, 1978
dedication to health and wellness as an entrepreneur, business owner, nationally best selling author, and founder of the Rapunzel Project

Frank R. Braun
B.S., 1948
M.A., educational administration, 1951
Ph.D., education, 1960
renowned leadership in international development education

Almond A. Clark
M.A., curriculum & instruction
Ph.D., vocational education, 1978
distinguished career in education and business, and many community contributions

Lea Ellis Dahl
B.S., marketing education, 1968
M.Ed., vocational education, 1995
outstanding leadership in public school education and advocacy for at-risk students

Robert Dykstra
M.A., educational psychology, 1960
Ph.D., educational psychology, 1962
prominent and extensive contributions as a professor, educator, and researcher in the field of reading education and literacy

Steven P. Geiger
Ph.D., home economics, 1983
outstanding career reflecting excellence in leadership, strategic planning, teambuilding, and organizational change

Margaret J. Howland
M.Ed., early childhood education, 1944
extraordinary career as a pioneer in the field of special education

Susan Jungck
B.S., elementary education, 1965
outstanding career as a distinguished educator, researcher, and administrative leader

Floyd E. Keller, Jr.
M.A., education, 1956
Ed.D., educational administration, 1974
notable career in education as a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, director of elementary and secondary education, adjunct professor, and educational consultant

Kim Louise Keprios
B.S., recreation, park & leisure studies, 1980
distinguished career in service to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families

Rachel Serene Anderson Leonard
M.A., educational administration, 1975
distinguished career as an educator and community leader and extraordinary commitment and service to children, families, schools, and communities

Thomas J. Libby
M.A., art education, 1963
notable career in the fields of art education and higher education

Diane Lucille Madden
B.S., elementary education, 1975
M.A., educational psychology, 1981
Ph.D., educational administration, 1990
notable career as an outstanding business executive, philanthropist, and community leader

Michael J. McKasy
B.S., mathematics, 1970
commitment to justice as a top U.S. trial attorney and dedication to community service and the field of education

James P. Metzen
A.A., general education, 1964
outstanding career with the state legislature and distinguished service to the citizens of Minnesota

Thomas Barrett Mich
M.A., educational administration, 1976
Ph.D., education, 1977
48-year career in education and leadership of Saint Thomas Academy

Rebecca L. W. Otto
M.Ed., science education, 1994
outstanding career as an educator and public servant

Thomas G. Pearson
M.A., education, 1968
distinguished career as a teacher, coach, and athletic director of Anoka-Hennepin School District, introducing women's sports to Anoka High School

Blair Larry Poitras
B.S., physical education, 1973
distinguished leadership in business and as a community builder

Thompson J. Pooton
A.A., general education, 1966
successful career as an entrepreneur and leader who has served as founder, president, CEO, and board member of numerous corporations throughout the United States

Michael J. Sarafolean
M.S.W., social work, 1989
distinguished career as an outstanding business executive and educator

Benhong Rosaline Tsai
Ph.D., education, 1995
notable career as an outstanding business executive and educator

Henry M. Wellman
Ph.D.,child psychology, 1975
lifetime of contributions to our understanding of children's development, including the development of social cognition and metacognition

Degrees listed were earned in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota.