2016 CEHD Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumni

Chace B. Anderson
Ph.D., education, 1996
outstanding leadership in public school education

John R. Anderson
B.S., physical education, 1977
developing all-around student-athletes who excel on the field and in the classroom, and for leading the Golden Gopher baseball program for 35 years and more than 1200 victories

Theresa F. Battle
M.A., educational administration, 1994
Ed.D., organizational leadership, policy and development, 2015
lmany years of distinguished and dedicated service to the students, families and school districts of Minneapolis, Osseo and Saint Paul; focus on building success through relationships; and commitment to the improvement of administrator preparation

Patrick J. Campbell
B.S., recreation leadership, 1954
entrepreneurial vision and achievements, strong self-determination in forging success from humble roots, and commitment to giving back to community in many meaningful ways

Elizabeth L. Craig
B.S., home economics education, 1973
outstanding success as a master career strategist, author, speaker, and consultant

Ganie B. De Hart
Ph.D., child psychology, 1990
academic career as an outstanding teacher and researcher in the psychology of sibling relationships

Robert D. Enright
Ph.D., educational psychology, 1976
leading expertise in the psychology and practice of forgiveness, and work to promote reconciliation following painful tragedies and conflicts

Louellen N. Essex
B.S., speech & theatre arts, 1970
Ph.D., educational administration, 1979
success and recognition across many sectors helping businesses and organizations develop leadership, build strong teams, manage change and plan for the future

Carole A. Gupton
Ph.D., educational administration, 1986
distinguished career in education and commitment to developing culturally responsive learning environments

Jill K. Linder
B.S., Hebrew, 1976
administrative and pedagogical leadership in Jewish education

Susan R. Madsen
Ed.D., work community family education, 2001
outstanding academic career, including groundbreaking research on women's leadership, both nationally and internationally, and founding of influential leadership networks

Kevin S. McGrew
Ph.D., educational psychology, 1989
innovative, transnational efforts to combine psychological and statistical theory and methods with applied practice in psychology and education

MaryAnn E. Nelson
B.S., english, 1969
Ph.D., educational administration, 1980
outstanding career in public school education and community leadership

Daniel P. O’Keefe
M.A., geography, 1974
leadership in education, government, business, athletics, and international service

Russell J. Skiba
M.A., educational psychology, 1983
Ph.D., educational psychology, 1987
many theoretical and practical contributions to our understanding and management of school violence, school discipline, and equity in education

Gretchen M. Stein
B.S., family relationships, 1977
M.A., home economics, 1978
Ph.D., family social science, 1985
significant contributions to behavioral health care delivery through the Sand Creek Group as well as leadership through community service

Curtis L. Swenson
B.S., education, 1957
M.A., curriculum & instruction, 1960
outstanding career as a teacher, coach, school administrator, and successful transition to business sales and management

Charles A. Walkinshaw
M.A., agricultural education, 1989
leadership in international education and a significant record of service to education and development in agriculture, resource management, and conservation both in the United States and internationally

Belle M. Yaffe
B.S., education, 1970
life's work in serving the needs of diverse children and families, and contributions to the American Indian community