2017 CEHD Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumni

Rachel Adler
MSW, Social Work, 1980
Pioneering contributions to modern Jewish thought

Elizabeth B. Anderson
B.S., Home Economics Education, 1946 & M.Ed., 1955
Pioneering contributions and tireless advocacy on behalf of victims of domestic violence

Martha Elizabeth Andresen Wilder
B.S., Education, 1966
Distinguished career as a professor, Shakespearean scholar, and educator, in the widest sense possible and beyond the academy

Laura Bloomberg
Ph.D., Educational Policy & Administration, 1997
Extraordinary leadership at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs as faculty member, academic officer, and dean

Mary Jo Czaplewski
Ph.D., Educational Administration, 1981
Leadership in higher education and public policy related to families

Constance Hoyt Dawson
B.S., Recreation Leadership, 1955 & B.S., Elementary Education, 1970
Life’s work in serving the needs of parents and their children, and significant contributions as an educator, therapist, and author

Norena A. Hale
Ph.D., Educational Administration, 1979
Commitment to the public education of children with disabilities and exemplary documentation of the evolution and history of special education in Minnesota

Bernadeia Johnson
Ed. D., Educational Policy and Administration, 2012
Committed and courageous leadership of educational equity for all Minnesota students, especially those who are most disenfranchised

Joyce Kloncz
M.Ed., Elementary Education, 1981
Extraordinary volunteer service engaging Arizona alumni and promoting the University of Minnesota

Noel R. Larson
MSW, 1967 & Ph.D., Social Work, 1980
Field-shaping research in human sexuality

David Legvold
M.A., Educational Administration, 1974
Dedicated service as a teacher and commitment to conservation and environmental education

Jane Brush Lillestol
B.S., Home Economics Education,1969; M.A., Family Social Science, 1973; M.S., Home Economics, 1976 & Ph.D., Educational Administration, 1977
Contributions to higher education through distinguished administration leadership at several universities, including North Dakota State and Syracuse University

Kenneth D. Pedersen
M.A., Educational Administration, 1961 & Specialist Certificate, Secondary School Administration, 1980
Inspiring and effective leadership in secondary school education and administration

Verna Cornelia Price
M.A., Educational Administration, 1990 & Ph.D., Educational Policy and Administration, 1996
Distinguished career as an author, organizational consultant, motivational speaker, executive coach, and educator

Carrie Sampson Moore
B.S., Physical Education, 1989 & M.A., Kinesiology, 2001
Field-leading program development in the area of student and staff health and wellness

Lewis R. Stern
M.A., Educational Psychology, 1976 & Ph.D., Educational Psychology, 1977
Multiple and pioneering contributions to the study and promotion of holistic personal and professional development

Bo Thao-Urabe
B.S., Family Social Science, 1994
Local, national, and global efforts to empower refugee women and girls and work for gender justice in Hmong communities

Wendy Kay Bakken Watson
M.A., Educational Psychology, 1987
Long career of advocacy on behalf of vulnerable children, especially those with disabilities

Farrell J. Webb
Ph.D., Family Social Science, 1994
Distinguished career as professor, researcher, and leader in higher education

Eddie E. Williams
Ph.D., Educational Psychology, 1975
Outstanding career helping veterans as a psychologist, statistical consultant, and professor

Thomas F. Wilson
Ph.D., Educational Administration, 1984
Exemplary leadership and significant contributions as a school administrator, public servant, and entrepreneur of innovative technologies