Mentoring opportunities

Ways for alumni to stay involved

Informational interviews

Connect with a current student. Informational interviews, generally 20-30 minutes in length, allow a student to gain an inside view into your particular industry area and hear your first hand experiences. Meet in person or discuss through email or over the phone.

Career panels

Share your experience with students by participating on a career panel (located on campus).

Mock interviews

Volunteer as the interviewer for student mock interviews. Ask students commonly asked questions and provide feedback.


Classroom and student groups: Visit a class or student group to share information about your career area.

Alumni to call admitted students

Help welcome newly admitted CEHD students into the college. A personal call form an alumni can go a long way in helping a student decide to attend the University of Minnesota. Training is provided.

Alumni groups

Help form a CEHD alumni group in your area of occupation or place of employment.

Alumni events

Promote and attend alumni networking events.

For students

CEHD students interested in connecting with alumni should contact CEHD Career Services at 612-624-7577 to schedule an appointment with a career counselor.

Sign up to volunteer

Due to staff limitations and COVID-19 public health guidelines, we are not able to manage matching volunteers with opportunities in CEHD at this point.

Please check back later in 2020.