Meghan Hickey2018 Rising Alumni

Meghan Hickey

Meghan Hickey has a bachelor’s in child psychology, and a master’s and PHD in educational psychology from the U of M. Meghan was described as someone who will stand up for what is right and advocate for children and families. She is the Special Education Supervisor for Robbinsdale Area Schools. In this role, she leads and mentors special education teachers and service providers across the district, as well as conflict resolution, monitoring discipline, and supervising an alternative to suspension program. In addition, Meghan supervises practicum students and served as a statewide Specific Learning Disabilities trainer for the Department of Education, and is a member of the Minnesota School Psychologists Association board.


Special Education Supervisor,
Robbinsdale Area Schools

CEHD Degree

BS Child Psychology 2004
MA Educational Psychology 2007
PhD Educational Psychology 2010

Please list any past or current volunteer activities.

Minnesota School Psychology Association Board Member (2016-Present)

Please list any awards or honors from your collegiate, professional, or volunteer experiences.

  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Summa Cum Laude

What professor(s) or course(s) were most influential during your time in CEHD?

I was incredibly fortunate to have many outstanding mentors during my tenure in CEHD. My undergraduate experience with Dr. Nicki Crick inspired my career working with children and youth. I also deeply value my graduate school mentors, Dr. Jim Ysseldyke and Dr. Tony Pellegrini.

What was the impact and benefit of your educational experience in CEHD?

Most notably, my experience in CEHD taught me to be a systems-thinker and problem solver. I learned both theoretical and practical skills that have allowed me to make a difference in the lives of students and teachers.

What is your favorite memory from the University of Minnesota?

Having spent nearly a decade at the "U", there's no way that I could pick just one. I loved all aspects of campus life as an undergraduate. As a grad student, I valued developing relationships with cohort members, which I maintain to this day. I'm a Gopher to my core!

Who has inspired you the most during your career?

My students! I have had the gift of encountering so many children and youth who inspire me to make the world a better place.

What skills are important to succeed as an emerging professional today?

Emerging professionals, especially those who will have careers working in schools, need to be resourceful and innovative. Our children are continuously changing, and what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

How do others describe you?

Driven, energetic, passionate, conscientious.

How do you describe yourself?

I consider myself to be a learner first. I constantly want to know more. After that, I think of myself as a problem solver and innovator. I don't need to get the answer right, I just need to keep trying something.

What's a good book you'd recommend to others?

Personally, I love Jon Krakauer's books. Professionally, Dr. Ross Greene's work.

What gets you excited about work?

There's always something about to happen. The energy of a school year is never boring.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I can't remember wanting to be anything other than a teacher.

Outside of your job, how do you grow professionally?

I love supervising practicum students and interns. They are always able to share the latest information and I love their energy.

What is a "fun fact" about you?

I'm related to three presidents (genealogy nerd)!