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Many of our students must balance work and family in addition to their studies. Your financial assistance will help pay for tuition and books and provide much needed support to these future education and human development professionals.

The College of Education and Human Development Alumni Society created scholarship funds to benefit students across CEHD. Your generosity will help more talented undergraduate and graduate students complete their educations.

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Alumni Society Advanced Study Scholarship

The Advanced Study Scholarship (Fund 6011) benefits students who are pursuing their master’s, special certificate, or doctorate degree in any CEHD program.

Promise of Tomorrow Scholarship

The Promise of Tomorrow Scholarship (Fund 7437) supports undergraduates in any CEHD program as well as students who are pursuing their initial teacher licensure.

Alumni Society Study Abroad Scholarship

The Study Abroad Scholarship (Fund 1831) is designated for students who intend to study abroad, particularly underrepresented students and students who are among the first generation of their families to attend college.

Larry Wilson Scholarship

The Larry Wilson Scholarship (Fund 3486) recognizes undergraduate or graduate students in CEHD with a stated career objective related to a non-school-based educational setting.

Alumni Society Family Social Science Future Scholar Fund

Family Social Science Future Scholars (Fund 1466) are upper-division undergraduate students who are pursuing degrees in the department of Family Social Science.

Contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated.

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